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Makre was founded in 2013 from the union of professionals with decades of experience in important companies in the credit management and recovery sector.

The company addresses the assignee Banks of the receivables from the PA and to the companies that supply Public Bodies,the NHS (National Health Service) and the Private Bodies affiliated with the Public Administration.

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credit management

Business model


Maximizing the result of our client through technical competence and relational intelligence, overcoming those limits dictated on the other hand by algorithmic logic typical of large corporate organizations.


Personal integrity and passion for this profession are the two pillars around which Makre has been developing its business project for over 10 years.

We have chosen to be smaller because we prefer being quicker in the procedures; we have decided to work in only 3 sectors because they are the ones where we know we can represent an excellence.

We are not interested in working a little with everyone but excelling for the companies we select.


For us, innovation is synonymous with evolution.
And not just technological.

Today, to be truly effective in an innovative way, even personal relationships require skills and commitments, which were unknown
until a few years ago.


In order to concretely respond to itsethical and social responsibilities towards all stakeholders, Makre has organized itself to prevent irresponsible or illegal behavior by those who work in its name and on its behalf. Inspired by Legislative Decree 231/2001 (“Discipline of the administrative liability of legal persons, companies and associations, including those without legal personality”), MAKRE has equipped itself with:

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