Managing receivables from the Public Administration requires specific skills e un’organizzazione adeguata.
We have structured ourselves to operate effectively and proactively on the national territory through the following characteristics.


We daily build relationships with dozens of administrative managers in the various offices and, where appropriate, we develop professional relationships directly with the top management.

We operate in any province of the national territory and we monitor their respective regional regulations. In the meetings with the managers who participate in the invoice settlement process, when we deem it necessary, we also guarantee our physical presence.


We work exclusively with highly qualified personnel regarding Public Administration procedures and who are digitally trained on the most innovative technologies. Furthermore, we guarantee the regularity of contributionsand manage personnel with a low turnover.


After over 10 years of experience in the world of receivables from the PA, we believe to be the strategic partner for the resolution of problemsin the settlement process from any Italian body .

Services provided

We carry out on a daily basis Auditing, Collection e Reportingon behalf of our clients.

We analytically review every single document, interact directly with each contact person in each office in charge, and activate all the necessary actions toensure our customers receive priority in collection.

Partnerships & references

We manage on a monthly basis an important volume of receivables from the PA thanks to the various collaborations developed over the years with majorItalian banking groups, primary manufacturers medical devicesand important companies operating in the production of IT solutions for the PA.

IT technologies and platfoms

To ensure a better work-flow during all phases of the management of the paperwork that each client assigns to us, we have invested in the creation of aplatform of our property entirely dedicated to credit management. We are therefore able to guarantee all our customers constant alignment, real-time monitoring of individual practices and, consequently,effective sharing of all the work.

Our latest partners

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